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Hello MPD families! Welcome to our 5th season of Dance! Classes begin this coming up week, August 17th. 

We are excited to see our returning students and can’t wait to get to know our new ones! 


Throughout the year most will get to know Ms. Candace. She is an assistant and will now be teaching some of our hip hop classes. Ms. Candace has been with MPD since day 1! 

Miss. Aj and Miss. Sydney are also assistants with some of our younger students. This is Miss. Aj’s 3rd year. Miss Sydney just started with us the beginning of 2020. 

Mr. Ivan is our boys, teen and adult hip hop instructor. He has been teaching at MPD for 5 years also! 

Please get to know these wonderful people that will help guide your dancer throughout the year! 



These last few months have been quite challenging for all! The future can seem uncertain for sure! I realize first hand, not only as a small business owner but as a mother, the struggle to make sure our children are cared for physically, emotionally and mentally! 

What I love about dance is that it covers all 3 of those challenges!

It is so important in a normal world to be active. How much more so during these times! I look forward to letting all students have a space to express themselves freely! 



Please understand that what will be put in place is to keep every student and instructor that walks through these doors SAFE!  We will be following the guidelines set forth by the state! This is the only way we are able to open our doors! 


1. Masks are to be worn by children 5 and up until further notice. If you have a medical condition and a mask can not be worn please let me know. 


2. Young children can be accompanied by ONE adult at drop off.


3. Please find a pink X to stand on outside the door. You will stay on that spot until you are told to move forward by staff. 


4. Students only are allowed in the building. No one will be allowed in the waiting area. 


5. Hands will be sanitized and temperature  checks will be taken at the door each time a student comes in. Questions about exposure, symptoms and traveling will be asked each time as well. 


6. Outside shoes will be taken off inside the studio and be put away. 


7. IMPORTANT: NO Dance bags are allowed in the studio. Please put dance shoes and other necessities in a large ziplock bag. Please put dancers NAME, first and last, on the bag. You are to bring your own water bottle. NAME needs to be written on that also. We will not allow access to the water fountain. 


8.  Once personal belongings are put neatly on a designated table, the students will be placed in their very own 8x10 colorful dance space.


9. For young dancers, my assistant and I will bring ziplock bags to each dancer in their spot and help with changing shoes as well as give them their water bottles. PLEASE bring a water bottle every week. 


10. IMPORTANT: All students will exit the studio through the back door. 

Parents are to follow the signs and pull around up to the steps on the side of the building. The dancers will be taken out in an orderly fashion by the instructor or the assistant.


11. The restrooms are open but if at all possible please encourage your little one to use the bathroom before class. 


12. After all students arrive, the front door will be locked. We will have parents phone numbers on hand incase of any emergencies. Please have your cell handy and volume up. 


13. Everyone at MPD will do their part in keeping the studio clean! Surfaces will be wiped down in between classes along with any props (cones, balance beam) we might use. 


14. For our virtual students, we have put a TV up in the back of the studio. You are still part of the class and we want to see you! 


I know we will all work together and follow these guidelines to ensure the safety of all. If we stick together as a team things will run smoothly and orderly. We followed these procedures during our video recital a few weeks ago and all went very well!   


Thank you for your attention with these matters. I am certain I missed something. Please feel free to ask questions or let me know what concerns you have. 




Thank you, 

Miss. Kim 





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